Ekawa is reverse for the word Awake. We think when you are in a sleep state you do not know what is reality and in a state like the word Ekawa, which at first sight sounds meaningless, unintelligible. If you never heard this word before in your life, there are three scenarios:

  1. First time you hear it, you think it is a meaningless word and with indifference, move on with your life. This state is similar to when you are in sleep state: when truth crosses your path, you find it meaningless and move on with your fake life.
  2. If your intellect is higher than the one mentioned above, when you come across the word Ekawa, you might give it some thought and realize that there could be some meaning to this initially meaningless word. Similar to when truth presents itself in your life, but you go into denial, unwilling to accept the truth, and might probably go back to your fake life after contemplating the truth. You might ponder over it for some time and even come to the realization that the word reversed means Awake. This is similar to accepting truth as it is when presented in real life.
  3. You are a person with an open mind. You know there is something not right with the world. You know that your world is dominated by lies and manipulation. You know that there is something intriguing about the word Ekawa, and you want to solve it right away. This is similar to Alice entering the rabbit hole. Your intuition tells you right away that the word reversed means Awake. We are that intuition in print. Got it? No? Go to explanation #1 or #2 above and come back when you are ready.

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