Your Best Offence Against the Chinese Virus and Covid World

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Your Best Offence Against the Chinese Virus and Covid World


That’s correct, this is a virus of Chinese origin, and we do not need to pretend otherwise.Simple real-world practical tips on how to combat
Covid at the physical level,  on first contact.Stop Covid in its tracks from invading your system.
Protect yourself and your loved ones from the invisible enemy.

If you are going outside your home into the Covid World, you must have the following:


1.Alcohol based sanitizing gel in a 50- or 100-ml bottle.
2.A hat
3.Paper Napkins
4. Two pairs of  Anti-Microbial latex disposable gloves
5.Double Mask (Yes 2 separate masks giving you 2 layers of protection)
6.Face shield or PPE Glasses
7. Alcohol 70% (optional) 100 ml spray




Before getting out of the house:


1.Put hat on.
2.Put double mask on, one over the other.
3.Put Face shield on top of the hat or wear the PPE glasses. Face shield is better as fogging from breathing will be minimal compared to PPE glasses.
If you can get hold of non-fogging PPE glasses, better.
4.If going into potentially high risk Covid area, put on gloves. (Also remember that you may often have to remove gloves if you need to
use your phone). Once gloves are used to touch any surface, they must be washed, sanitized or disposed of.
5.Assign a pocket or space in your bag to keep sanitizer, alcohol and spare gloves.


Entering the Covid World:



Once outside follow these steps:

Due to masks and face shields, your situational awareness will be affected. Move your head left and right and use your peripheral or
frontal vision to assess your surroundings. Do not walk around with earphones and music blaring. Do not put your head inside the phone
while walking, instead stow it away while on the street. Be alert, for any developing situations around you or intruders breaching your
6ft social distancing perimeter.

Do not attempt to touch your face for any reason if possible. Train yourself. Do not put fingers in your nose or mouth either without
first sanitizing your hands once in Covid World. If you need to touch your face, you must sanitize your hands first before doing so.
This includes, adjusting mask, if it’s not sitting properly.

If possible, do not remove mask anywhere while outside. If you really need to take a bite or drink something, find yourself an isolate
area where there are no people around you or in a 12 feet diameter, sanitize your hands and quickly eat or drink (do not linger around,
make it real quick) , put back mask on and leave.

Maintain your distance from people once outside.6 feet distance between you and person in front, back or left and right.
Do not engage in idle chit chat with strangers. Speak only if it will help you get where you need to go.

You will need to use your hands to lock doors, open doors. Only exception will be automatic sliding doors.

If you see someone opening a door with their hands and you are planning on using the same door, speed up and you may get in without
having to open the door yourself. If the door shut, and you don’t want to open it with your own hands, wait around and close in to door
area as soon as someone comes along and opens it .If you have to open the door with your own hands , use sanitizer as soon as you have
opened the door.


Using Elevators:



If there is more than 2 people do not get in elevator. Wait for next one or take stairs.
Assign a finger on your left hand or right hand for elevator buttons. Memorize it and only use that finger for pushing buttons.
Similarly, you may assign a hand for touching public places and the other hand for handling your personal stuff.


Public Bathrooms:



  • Use your paper napkins to open the door or close door. Throw them away after use.
  • Do not remove mask or glasses or hat in the bathroom. Use napkins again to raise and lower toilet seat.
  • Use sanitizer in your pocket instead of the toilet tap, if you can avoid it.
  • Do not spend too much time in public bathrooms.
  • Avoid leaning against anything inside bathroom.
  • Do not leave your belongings on the floor if you can avoid it.
  • Flush toilet first before you use it.
  • Generously put toilet paper on side of the edges of the toilet seat if you need to sit, so the seat never makes contact with your skin.
  • Use napkin to push flush lever.
  • Avoid the tap if you can and use your own sanitizer to clean your hands once out of toilet.


At a Store:



You may have to open the door to a store, open the fridge in the store, use the restroom in the store.

Consider your hands contaminated from the moment you open the door to enter the store till you exit the store at which point you
must sanitize your hand.

Sanitize your credit/debit card after it is returned to you by the clerk with sanitizer or alcohol spray.

If getting bills back from clerk, put the said bills in a special pouch for contaminated bills. Get rid of these bills in other stores if you can.
If not once home find ways to decontaminate it before it goes back into your circulation money.

If possible, avoid touching railings, lean against anything, or sit down in public chairs and benches. If you do so, consider yourself contaminated.
Put clothes to washing right away after getting home or keep the clothes in separate area from your clean clothes.


Return from Covid World:



After entering home and closing door behind:

  • Remove shoes and leave near entrance or appropriate place away from other clean footwear you may have in the house.
  • Sanitize hands.
  • Remove mask and hat and keep in special area somewhere near main door area or any other special place for it.
  • Lightly spray bleach or alcohol on surface of masks, if you plan to reuse them. Do same with top of the hat.

If you bought anything from the store or anything that is Covid suspect, keep these items in a separate holding area.
Sanitize each and every item. If it’s a plastic item, wash with soap and water.
You can use bleach or alcohol spray, depending on what the item is.


  • Remove all clothes and put it to wash or put it separately in an area for contaminated stuff.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly if possible, twice with two different soaps.
  • Get a hot shower with ample amount of soap from head to toe.

We’ve covered the external part so far.

Want to know how to boost your internal defense system against the invisible enemy?

Read this article


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